Quality system management system

Zhengzhou Yue Abrasives Co., Ltd. has been maintaining excellent quality for 18 years depending entirely on the complete quality system management system. There are difficulties and obstacles at the beginning. But we still insist on principle to keep improvement of quality. For these years development, our factory have owned strict quality control and test system, established good cooperative relationship between ZZSM and Luoyang Refractory Research Institute, and supervised by the third party of CCIC.


Production equipment

At present, Yue Abrasives has 4 sets of 3150KVA intelligent CNC dumping furnaces, 2 sets of 2500KVA intelligent CNC fixed furnaces, and 17 modern sand production lines. Our company can provide customized products according to different requirements of clients and can control the quality of raw materials independently. In 2015, Yue abrasives rebuilt the Japanese standard fine powder production line to meet the high standard requirements of high-end fine grinding enterprises. In order to realize diversified development of products, company has invested in production lines for silicon carbide, accounting for 30 % of the shares.

Zhengzhou Yue Abrasives CO.,LTD
Our goal: to improve the cost performance and quality of the products on the basis of reasonable prices.

Corundum production process